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Domain Name Help

Whether you have a new product or service to bring to market, a brand name to protect, or simply want an easier email address that you never have to change, there are a few things to consider. The information below is provided to help you choose the right domain name.

If your desired domain name is already taken, don't worry. If you own the trademark, you have rights. Even if you do not have rights to the name, the current registrant may be willing to trade or sell the name ... we can help.

Name Your Domain

Obviously, many of the best domain names are already taken. Don’t let that discourage you. Many worthwhile domain names are still available. Here are some factors you should consider when trying to choose a domain name.

Importance Of Dot Com

Without a doubt, domain names ending in .com are far superior to those ending in the next best choice of .net, .org, or others. In fact, we recommend a much weaker name ending in .com over a strong name ending in .net. Why? Many people will only remember the main part of your domain name and then type in the .com automatically afterward. If they find another site at that address you may have just handed off a customer to your competitor for free.

Possible Exceptions

A possible exception might be for a not for profit business. Most non-profits choose the .org suffix and you may want to consider this option if you are a non-profit. Actually, though, because so many people still only think of .com, you may want to consider buying both endings and having your web host re-direct the .com name to your web site also. Some television based or related companies are buying the newly popular "Dot TV" endings. Radio related sites might also want to consider "Dot FM" names. It is too early in the game to determine is these ".tv" or ".fm" names are worth the money.

Also, if you find a Dot Com name available, many people choose to also buy the corresponding .net and .org endings in order to prevent anyone else from trying to ride on their coattails. Whether or not this is worth the extra money is debatable.

The Shorter The Better

If torn between a couple different names, you may do well to simply pick the shorter one. Not only does this require less typing by your visitors, it also usually conveys greater credibility. Which sounds more like a market leader that you would want to buy from fishingsupplies.com or suppliesforpeoplewhofish.com?

Avoid Hyphens If Possible

If you tell someone to visit your site named "TOILE” “BEDDING" "DOT" "COM," you can’t expect them to remember to type toile-bedding.com. They won’t. Only if you are strapped for name ideas or if your hyphenated alternative is much shorter than other available choices should you settle for hyphens. The exception for this rule is for companies doing business with a primary focus on Internet marketing. This is because some search engines will give preference to hyphenated names because the hyphen generally bridges the most important keywords relating to the site’s content. This can be worth it if the site does not rely upon type-in traffic, but rather click-in traffic. In this case, it is still wise to own both the hyphenated version, as well as the simpler hyphen-free version.

Don’t Be Confusing

If your site sells sub sandwiches, don’t call it beddingproducts.com. People looking for sub sandwiches won’t visit your site as they won’t infer what your site is really about.

Don’t Limit Yourself

Amazon.com can continue to expand into whatever area they want. If they had originally called themselves books.com, it would have been much harder to branch into toys and electronics, etc. Consider if there is any possibility of future expansion for your e-business and if there is, name yourself accordingly.

Unique Names Requiring Branding

This is another type of name you might consider although it has strong cons along with its pros. Examples are this kind of name are Amazon.com and Yahoo.

Pros – A catchy, unique name can be very memorable. It also allows your company to expand however you want - consider the name Amazon.com vs. the name Travelocity.com.

Cons – It can be very costly to market your unique name to the point where people know what your company is all about.

Avoid Names That Could Be Misspelled

When looking for names for your site, try to stick with names that can only be pronounced and spelled one particular way. This will help you avoid any possible confusion and loss of potential visitors. If the name has a number in it, we recommend registering both numeric and alpha versions. For example, when we at YourNew.com registered 1personcompany.com, we also registered onepersoncompany.com. This way, we can capture all of the traffic that is intended for this address, rather than passing half of it along to a copycat.

Consider Alphabetical Order

If you can’t make up your mind between two or more names, you might want to choose the one that comes up first in the alphabet. A few internet directories and various lists will put web site names in alphabetical order. As an internet surfer looks down these lists, they might come across your name sooner and be more likely to visit. Just like businesses listed in the telephone yellow pages, you can often benefit from an alphabetically favored domain name, but as always, there are exceptions, such as YourNew.com, where the name is obviously worth the alphabetical pitfall.

Descriptive Names

This is one of three types of names you might consider. Computing101.net is a good example of a name that describes the product or services that can be found at the site. When picking a descriptive name consider two things:

Names Related to Your Offline Company

If you are building a site that is the online arm of your pre-existing company, you may want to make that your name or if it is not available, make it some variation of the same. For example, in Las Vegas, there is a popular casino called "Excalibur." When they built their web site, someone already owned that name, so they bought excaliburcasino.com. You can add "restaurant" "store" "online" or whatever related word at the end of your real world company name.

A Helpful tip- Don’t forget to add your new domain name to all marketing material, brochures, business cards, etc. that you have for your brick and mortar company.

Final Thought

Once you have thought of a name and found that it is still available, buy it immediately (even if you aren’t planning to build the web site right away). Millions of names are being reserved every year and if you wait even a matter of days, your desired name could be taken from right under your nose.

Domain Names For Sale

If this all seems confusing, you may wish to consider purchasing a name that is already registered. We have hundreds of names for sale, and are happy to provide domain name brokering if the one you want is already taken.

We also have many names available for sale by our clients. If you have a domain you would like to sell, let us know.

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